AVK Fusion Indonesia launch Archipelago Tour of Indonesia
‘Solutions, not only products’

AVK Fusion Indonesia recently inaugurated their latest campaign entitled “Archipelago Tour of AVK Fusion Indonesia”.  The Introduction of this campaign was highlighted at the AVK Fusion Indonesia Distributor Conference in December 2019, with a ceremony launching 2 show buses, showcasing the product range and offering education, training, technology and solutions.

The campaign program is a big challenge, teams from AVK Fusion Indonesia will visit more than 400 local water companies (PDAM’s) across the archipelago of Indonesia.  In addition, the collaboration with AVK Fusion Indonesia’s distributors nationwide, will ensure that the program is a success.  With a ‘Solutions, not only products’ promise the purpose of the campaign is to build long-term relationships with customers by becoming the ‘go-to hub’ for products and technical solutions.

Gert Borrits (President Director of AVK Fusion Indonesia) said; “The Show Bus will go around the archipelago of Indonesia to reach more than 400 local water companies (PDAM’s) and to introduce AVK Fusion Indonesia to customers.  The main program of the AVK Fusion Indonesia Show Bus campaign is ‘Solutions, not only products’ and will focus on education, training and technology, offering a full system approach to the end user”

The campaign will begin in January 2020 and run until December 2020.

For more details on our market-leading Global PE Product Offer, click here or download the Global PE Product Offer brochure from the relevant link below.

Find out more about AVK Fusion Indonesia on their website – www.fusion-indonesia.com

AVK Fusion Indonesia launch Archipelago Tour Of Indonesia

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  • The team from AVK Fusion Indonesia launch ‘Archipelago Tour of AVK Fusion Indonesia’ with 2 dedicated show buses

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  • Dedicated show buses launched as part of the ‘Archipelago Tour of AVK Fusion Indonesia’

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  • Jack Barnsley (Business Development Manager, AVK Fusion Indonesia) showcases Global PE Network Solutions as part of the dedicated Fusion show bus.
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