A team of senior managers, technical specialists and analysts from MiGas recently visited Fusion in Chesterfield to undertake a detailed and extensive Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). The visit is just one of the many investments made by Fusion that underlines its long-term commitment to Jargas, the Indonesian Government’s plan to create a nationwide natural gas distribution network.

MiGas is the government body responsible for all of Indonesia’s domestic downstream oil and gas activities. Created in 2002, it has the critical role of ensuring the quality of all aspects of the Jargas project. Fundamental to Jargas is the quality of the Fusamatic electrofusion fittings and the knowledge and skills of the contractors installing these fittings.  The MiGas team was accompanied by three of the principal Jargas contractors.

The FAT was incredibly intensive and included high level presentations, detailed factory tours, best practice installation training, and the opportunity to quiz Fusion’s Senior Management team.

The visit was led by Jack Barnsley, Fusion’s Business Development Manager in Indonesia:

‘Trust and loyalty are highly valued in Indonesia. The FAT visit demonstrated that Fusion stands by its commitments. I am always proud to show Indonesian visitors our manufacturing and testing facilities. The MiGas team appreciated our investment in robotics and the scope and scale of the quality testing we apply to each and every fitting.’

Lisa Shelton, Fusion Group Director – Compliance, was impressed by the detailed questions raised by the MiGas team:

‘I really enjoyed the MiGas visit. We discussed product standards, testing methodologies and third-party approvals. Even though we are one of very few downstream companies to have ISO/TS 29001 accreditation, nothing was taken as given. For example, we were asked to explain how we calculated test pressures.

Fusion’s approach to product inspection, testing and traceability generated the most interest and questions. Every Fusamatic fitting is individually numbered, subjected to both electrical and visual inspection, and fully traceable right down to the raw materials and components. I ran through the process two or three times due to the Indonesian engineers not having come across a system that delivered 100% inspection and traceability of each fitting!.’

Jack Barnsley emphasized that having quality products is only the start of the journey:

‘Fusion has invested heavily in training both contractors and our distributors in best practice for electrofusion welding.

A member of the Fusion training team is currently in Indonesia. As well as upskilling Fusion Indonesia employees, they are also visiting active sites to train contractor installation teams.’

The MiGas team also visited AVK during their visit. The opportunity for Fusion to promote AVK products strengthens its Jargas offer, and gives it access to a global pool of technical gas knowledge, skills and expertise.

Fusion Good Guides‘ to Butt Fusion and Electrofusion provide basic step-by-step information which enables operatives to understand best practice jointing and installation techniques.  Download by clicking the relevant link below.

To find out more about the features and benefits of the Fusamatic range of electrofusion fittings, click here

For more details on our market-leading Global PE Product Offer, click here or download the Global PE Product Offer brochure from the relevant link below.

Find out more about AVK Fusion Indonesia on their website – www.fusion-indonesia.com

MiGas impressed by Fusion's commitment to lead on quality

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  • The MiGas team, accompanied by three principal Jargas contractors visit Fusion Group in Chesterfield.  Pictured: Jack Barnsley (AVK Fusion Indonesia, Business Development Manager) is 5th from left and Neil Green (Group Managing Director) is 4th from right.
The MiGas Team conduct FAT of Fusamatic

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  • Paul Else (Group Director, Manufacturing) conducts Fusamatic factory tour
Focus on Quality: David Clayton explaining aspects of electrofusion jointing quality

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  • Focus on quality: David Clayton (Product Manager) explains aspects of electrofusion jointing quality
The MiGas Team receive Test Laboratory Tour

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  • David Clayton (Product Manager) conducts Test Laboratory factory tour
The MiGas Team receive best practice installation training

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  • The MiGas team receive best practice installation training
The MiGas Team Visit AVK

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  • The MiGas team visit AVK
MiGas and Indonesian Contractors impressed by Fusion's commitment to lead on quality
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Global PE Product Overview - For Gas and Water - March 20
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The Good Guide to Electrofusion Jointing
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