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World Class manufacturing

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Fusion has extensive manufacturing, test and inspection facilities and have integrated lean principles of continuous improvement within its manufacturing culture. Principles include standard operating procedures, cell boards, rapid fire audits and OEE (overall equipment effectiveness).

Fusion is much more than just manufacturing, it has world class facilities which give confidence to an end product which is fully traceable, right down to core components, through our unique QR barcode system.

With ISO9001 accreditation and multi-national approvals, Fusion believe in much more than just passing the finished product on to the consumer, but to give them the quality assurance they need on all the products supplied to the utilities industry.

Fusion has a global network of wholly-owned distribution subsidiaries, joint-venture companies and agents which sell and support all Fusion products in markets as diverse as Australia, China, Kazakhstan, Poland, South Africa, Italy, Malaysia, Indonesia and – of course – the United Kingdom. You will never be far away from expert advice, guidance and support.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance facilities

Fusion has extensive manufacturing, test and inspection facilities. Fusion are ISO9001 accredited and have a continued commitment to improving quality standards and customer satisfaction. QR codes on all fittings illustrate full traceability on each batch that reaches the consumer.

BS EN ISO 9001:2015 is employed to ensure that all the processes are audited, corrective actions identified, and measures put in place to effectively eradicate the cause.

  • 1400m2 extensive facilities
  • Raw materials testing
  • Product batch release testing
  • Type test approvals
  • New product development
  • Forensic quality investigations
  • 8 test tanks
  • Capability to test literally thousands of fittings simultaneously
Product development

New product development

Fusion are renown and have a history of pushing innovative products.  Devotion to the development of existing products and introducing innovation into the industry has enabled Fusion grow tremendously over the years.

With the industry experience and expertise, Fusion has what it takes to develop your ideas and make them a reality. We encourage not only innovative ideas, but revolutionary visions. We never shy away from technologically demanding projects which others tend to avoid.

Currently involved in many exciting and challenging projects, Fusion continuously looks for concepts to develop to keep pushing the industry from strength to strength.

With a fantastic development team ranging from, systems experts, electronic engineers, mechanical engineers, polymer fabricators, CAD engineers, test lab technicians and polymer experts to name a few, Fusion is geared up to ensure products are fit for purpose whilst ensuring reduced development cost by implementing state of the art CAD simulations to analyse your product in a simulated working environment. Full fabrication, moulding and testing facilities make Fusion the ideal partner to bring your product from concept through to production.


Fusion Group’s Fusamatic division is a world leader in the manufacture of electrofusion fittings.

All Fusion’s electrofusion fittings are individually inspected using a computerised monitoring system that utilises advanced barcode technology. The barcode provides full individual fitting traceability right down to the polymer batch.

Together, electrofusion fittings and polyethylene pipes enable utilities, designers and contractors to create fully welded pipe networks. The production quality, reliability and flexibility of Fusion’s electrofusion fittings provides the certainty and peace of mind needed for polyethylene pipe jointing.

Click here for further information on our Fusamatic Electrofusion Fittings.

Five factors for a World-Class Fitting


What is a Fusamatic pin?

Invented by Fusion, the Fusamatic pin provides a totally automatic method for ensuring the correct welding parameters are used. Within each Fusamatic pin is a resistor. When a automatic electrofusion box is connected to the fitting, the Fusamatic pin enables it to automatically identify the correct fusion time required to make the joint. All the operator has to do is press go! All Fusamatic fittings have the welding parameters moulded into the body of the fitting so they can be used with standard electrofusion boxes. Welding parameters are also included in a barcode on each fitting.

What are the indicator lugs on an electrofusion fitting?

The pressure created by the expanding molten plastic in the jointing area inside the fitting during the electrofusion process will force out the indicator lugs. This is a visible sign that the necessary jointing pressure has been achieved.

How do you ensure quality control and traceability?

Quality control is central to the success of Fusamatic fittings. The barcode provides full traceability right down to the polymer batch; the raw material from which the fittings are manufactured. The injection mould batch number, replicated in the fitting’s barcode, is moulded into the body of the fitting.

What standards do you test against?

Because Fusion sells across the world, the test laboratory’s test procedures cover most ISO and EN standards relating to both gas and water as well as domestic standards such as GIS and WIS specifications.

What tests do Fusamatic fittings undergo?

Fusamatic is a division of the Fusion Group, and ISO 9001:2015 quality assessed, registered, and certificated company by the British Standards Institution. . Details of typical tests are provided in the Fusamatic brochure. You can download a copy of the brochure from the resource centre.

Within what temperature range do you carry out testing?

The test laboratory undertakes tests on butt fusion and electrofusion jointing between -10°C and +40°C

Do you test the raw materials from which you make electrofusion fittings and extrude pipe?

Yes, it’s a critical part of the quality control process. Even though all material arrives with a certificate of conformity we still test each delivery to ensure quality is maintained.

Where do the cooling times for the electrofusion fittings come from?

The cooling times are derived from measuring the temperature on the joint interface, after the fusion time has completed, and recording how long it takes to reach 110°C. This time, combined with a small safety factor, ensures the polymer has reached its crystalline state before the clamps are removed.

Why do the test tanks look like they’re full of ping pong balls?

The plastic balls are insulating balls which help to maintain the water temperature in the tank rather than the heat escaping to atmosphere.

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