Customer Communication (Covid-19 Coronavirus) – latest policy

Customer Communication (COVID-19 Coronavirus), Latest Policy – 24th March 2020 24-03-2020

Dear Customer,

Continuing with our commitment to keep you updated on our latest policies as regards the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Yesterday, Monday 23rd March, our government informed us all that in an effort to drastically reduce the rate of transmission of the virus, they are imposing enforceable measures to stop all but essential travelling and personal interaction for the next 3 weeks.

In response to this, we have worked hard to ensure that we can both preserve the welfare of you our customers, our staff and the wider population as a whole, whilst maintaining the highest possible level of service to you.

Today therefore, we have introduced a home working policy for all of our staff members who can fully perform their functions remote of the offices, without affecting our service.

Clearly this will not be possible for some roles, particularly those in the manufacturing, distribution and site service departments.  We have put measures in place to minimise the amount of social interaction for these employees and we especially thank those employees for their continuing dedication to their duties at this time.

However, we are very happy to inform you that our colleagues have again risen to the challenge; we have had a great response from the team to this latest change to our normal work patterns.

Whilst COVID-19 is a growing challenge in the UK, we have some good news from our AVK, Fusion and Syntec manufacturing facilities in China where they have reported production and supply is at over 95% of pre-Corona levels.

This, along with the robustness that our strong subsidiary manufacturing base across the world gives to our supply chain capability, you can be assured that AVK are the partner that can be relied upon to support you, our essential utility infrastructure partners in the delivery of your programmes throughout this challenging situation.

You and your work are important to us all…we are here to support you!!

Paul Hubbard

24th March 2020

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