Congratulations Rebecca Worrall

Rebecca recently graduated with a 2:1 after completing her BA (Hons) in Professional Practice Management. 07-12-2021

Rebecca is Customer Service Manager for Fusion Group and has worked for the business for 6 years, progressing from Sales Co-Ordinator then GDC Manager before undertaking her current role.

The degree has taken 3 years to complete and was a mixture of in-person learning at Sheffield Hallam University as well as online learning since March 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

When asked why she wanted to do the course, Rebecca said,

“I never went to university after school and thought that the chance to ever do that had passed me by, so when I was given this opportunity I jumped at it. Once I had started, I just really wanted to be able to say I had finished it!”

The course gives delegates the building blocks of learning needed to develop confidence and competence in management practice.  It has given Rebecca a much wider understanding of the business and opened her eyes to various challenges and the possible solutions.  Rebecca admits that time management has never been one of her greatest skills and juggling a degree with a full-time job and a family has been a struggle. particularly during the Coronavirus pandemic when she was working from home.

Finding time to research and complete assignments was one of the toughest things Rebecca faced.

“I did pretty much all the assignments on the weekend (or the night!) before it was due! I did however manage to complete everything on time and never applied for any extensions.”

Rebecca is thankful for the way in which Fusion helped her with the course.

“Fusion gave me the time I needed away from work to attend all the necessary study schools, whether remote or in person and anybody within the business that I approached for help was always willing to give up their time.”

Rebecca recently got to celebrate her accomplishments at the graduation ceremony.

“It was really good fun and a fantastic celebration of so many people’s achievements. I am extremely proud of myself for completing the degree.”

She also has advice for anyone looking to progress with a degree,

“Most definitely go for it! Don’t underestimate the time and effort that’s required but it is definitely worth it!”

Fusion would like to say a big congratulations to Rebecca for the hard work and dedication she has put in.

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