Fusion Group joins Achilles UVDB

Fusion Group has gained a ‘shop window’ with companies in the utilities sector by joining Achilles UVDB  – an online community that enables companies to manage supply chain risk and comply with EU regulations.

Fusion, which has 250 staff and provides gas, water and infrastructure products, will now be able to share on an online platform its capabilities in key business areas, such as health and safety and compliance.

Achilles UVDB is used by over 1000 buyers from over 40 UK utilities companies to find suitably qualified suppliers. Achilles works to ensure suppliers’ information is accurate via data validation, and desktop and physical audits. Several buying organisations also use the community as an approved mechanism for tendering for contracts above and below EU threshold contracts – streamlining the procurement process.

Fusion has also now passed the Achilles verify stage. This is an audit process that was introduced by the Achilles UVDB community which provides a higher level of pre-qualification assurance for buyers within the utilities sector. This enables Achilles UVDB buyers’ access to a suitably pre-qualified supply chain that they can invite to tender.

The Verify Audit specifically looks at a suppliers approach to Safety, Health, Environment and Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility. The Verify protocol provides the Utilities companies an independent assessment of suppliers’ management systems in each of the discipline areas both from an internal management system perspective as well as a test of the application onsite. The results of the audits are published online and used by buying and compliance representatives within each subscribing utility. Fusion Group passed the audit with 100%.