Fusamatic Electrofusion Fittings

Fusion Group’s Fusamatic division is a world leader in the manufacture of electrofusion fittings.

All Fusion’s electrofusion fittings are individually inspected using a computerised monitoring system that utilises advanced barcode technology. The barcode provides full individual fitting traceability right down to the polymer batch.

Together, electrofusion fittings and polyethylene pipes enable utilities, designers and contractors to create fully welded pipe networks. The production quality, reliability and flexibility of Fusion’s electrofusion fittings provides the certainty and peace of mind needed for polyethylene pipe jointing.

Sizes range from d20 to 630+,
d710 to 1200 available on request

Pressure Ratings
All fittings are manufactured in virgin PE100 black polyethylene and pressure rated up to 10 bar for gas applications and 16 bar for water applications, unless stated otherwise.
NOTE: For UK gas applications (GIS PL2 Part 4) the maximum operating pressure can be either 5.5 bar or 7 bar dependant on the Class rating.

SDR Ratings
The appropriate pipe SDR rating for electrofusion fittings is in accordance with the list below:

• Coupler
• Elbow
• Reducer
• Equal tee
• Tapping tee
• Branch saddle
• Transition fittings

FITTING SIZES 63mm AND ABOVE – Pipe SDR11 to 17.6
• Coupler
• Elbow
• Reducer
• Equal tee
• Tapping tee*
• Branch saddle
• Hydrant products
• Transition fittings
* Tapping tees for 63mm mains only are not suitable for SDR17 pressurised pipe applications.

Testing can be carried out on SDR rated pipe outside the stated ranges if required. Please contact Fusion’s sales team on +44 (0)1246 268666 for details.

Fusamatic branded electrofusion fittings are tested, accredited and approved against many international performance standards* including:
• Kitemark GIS/PL2-4
• Kitemark GIS/PL2-6
• AS/NZS 4129, Watermark and ISO Type 5 Licence
• EN 1555-3
• UNI EN 1555-3
• INSTA SBC EN 1555-3
• EN 12201-3
• UNI EN 12201-3
• INSTA SBC EN 12201-3
• EN ISO 15494
• UNI EN ISO 15494
• DVGW GW 335-B2-B1
• KIWA BRL-K17105

*Due to size and fitting type regulations across standards, some of our product range may not be certified under the standards listed above. Please contact Fusion’s sales team on +44 (0)1246 268666 for further clarification before placing your order.