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Wherever you are in the world, Fusion Group can deliver your polyethylene pipe jointing requirements.

We combine products, services and support to create solutions for even the most challenging applications: gas, water, mining, irrigation and more.

Fusion Group Limited

Fusion Group is an international leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of electrofusion fittings, PE ball valves and associated products and services. 

Fusion is an innovator, responsible for many breakthroughs including Fusamatic automatic pin technology, comprehensive product traceability and the Fusion Assist asset management app.

“The Fusion Group Strategy is to become the customers’ preferred partner as the leading Innovator, manufacturer and supplier of products and services for gas and water polyethylene pipeline systems, worldwide…”

Fusion Group Limited

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Fusion Group Corporate Video

Welcome to our corporate video.  The video provides an insight into Fusion Group and the team which delivers our products, services and solutions. Our significant investment to expand our product programme and drive excellence in our service demonstrates our long-term commitment to your future.

Case Study

AVK UK, Fusion Group and Peak Pipe Systems are ready for the Hydrogen revolution.

AVK UK, Fusion Group and Peak Pipe Systems are ready for the Hydrogen revolution by supplying products for the demonstration gas network being constructed by DNV at their Spadeadam Research and Development Centre in Cumbria.


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Fusion Assist

Fusion Group has a reputation for being a leading innovator and solutions provider in the global gas, water and industrial sectors. Fusion Assist is the latest innovation that drives this reputation.