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VIDEO – Fusion Group Corporate Video

We are excited to share our new video with you.  It has been filmed in and around our UK headquarters and gives you an overview our global manufacturing and distribution locations.  The video provides an insight into our brand and the team which delivers our products, services and solutions.

Our significant investment to expand our product programme and drive excellence in our service demonstrates our long-term commitment to your future.

We hope you enjoy.

VIDEO – Good Guide to Electrofusion Saddle Jointing
FlexTee Tapping Tee

The Good Guide to Electrofusion Saddle Jointing using the Flextee Tapping Tee, provides basic information which enables operatives to understand best practice installation techniques.

The information provided in the video is not binding and may be subject to modifications.  This video is supplied as a guidance only.  The welding operator is responsible for ensuring all work is performed exclusively by trained and competent personnel and in compliance with both national and international rules and guidelines for electrofusion installation.

VIDEO – PE Ball Valve Animations

A selection of short and informative animations to give a greater insight into the extensive range of PE100 Ball Valves.  The animations provide an overview of the features and benefits, welding and access system information as well as purge points and emergency shut-off procedures.

Certus PE Ball Valves –
Features and Benefits

PE Ball Valves –
Welding and access system

PE Ball Valves –
Purge Points

PE Ball Valves –
Emergency Shut Off