Product Applications

Fusion Group products are used in applications fundamental to creating a safe and sustainable future for you, your family and your workplace: the water you drink; how you heat your home; the production of the food you eat; and, the extraction of the minerals you rely on every day.

Right at the heart of all of these applications – gas, water, mining, irrigation and more – are polyethylene pressure pipe networks. Our role at Fusion Group is to design, develop and manufacture fittings that enable you, our customer, to build safe and effective pipe networks; wherever you are in the world, regardless of whether you are building your network in harsh environments or extreme temperatures.

Click on the following links to find out more about the products, services and solutions Fusion Group have developed for gas, water, mining and irrigation applications. 

Case Study

AVK UK, Fusion Group and Peak Pipe Systems are ready for the Hydrogen revolution.

AVK UK, Fusion Group and Peak Pipe Systems are ready for the Hydrogen revolution by supplying products for the demonstration gas network being constructed by DNV at their Spadeadam Research and Development Centre in Cumbria.


Case Study

Polyethylene piping systems in the mining sector

This case study provides a brief introduction to the use of polyethylene piping systems in mines across the world. It uses Australia, and the role of Fusion Plast in the distribution of spigot and electrofusion fittings, as a high-level case study and compares it to mining in South Africa.

Case Study

Fusion Group branch saddles used to control discharge water in Europe’s largest gold mine in Finland

The Suurikuusiko gold deposit in Finland was discovered in 1986 when workers blasting rock for a road cutting noticed specks of gold. The deposit is located in Kittila, a popular holiday region located north of the Arctic Circle in Lapland.