Reducing Tee Eccentric Level Invert – Machined Spigot

Reducing tee eccentric level invert long spigot

SDR 11 – Water PN16 / (Gas 10 Bar – upon request)

SDR 17 – Water PN10 (Gas 5 Bar – upon request) 

Fully moulded HDPE level invert tee long spigot. Suitable for electrofusion and butt fusion welding.


Global PE Product Offer and Gross Price List 2021
Size 17.6 MB
Download: Fusion-Global-PE-Product-Offer-GROSS-PRICE-V1_low-res.pdf
Global PE Product Overview - For Gas and Water - March 20
Size 4.7 MB
Download: Fusion-Global-PE-product-overview-V4-March20-low-res.pdf


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