PE-BRASS Transition Fittings – Male (for water)

Transition adaptor – male (DZR brass)

PE100 – SDR 11 – WATER PN16 – GAS 10 BAR 

Male transition fitting (DZR brass). Designed to transition from metric polyethylene pipe to metallic imperial BSP male thread. DZR (dezincification resistant) brass is commonly used in potable water pipe system where the water PH levels may cause plain brass to corrode.


Global PE Product Offer and Gross Price List 2021
Size 17.6 MB
Download: Fusion-Global-PE-Product-Offer-GROSS-PRICE-V1_low-res.pdf
Fusion PE Product Overview V6 September 21
Size 13.2 MB
Download: Fusion-PE-product-Overview-V6-September-21-Low-Res.pdf


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Transition Adaptor - Brass Not Coated - Female