Timesaver Butterfly Valve

SDR 11 (Standard)

Series 89/BFV                   Stainless Steel Disc

HDPE Fusible End            NBR Seat

Butterfly Valve


The Series 89 Timesaver butterfly valves are designed for quick, direct heat butt fusion or electrofusion into HDPE piping systems up to d315 (DN300). The series 89 leek-free system enables ease of installation and eliminates the need for flange adaptors, spacers, backing rings, nuts, bolts or gaskets.

Global PE Product Offer - For Gas and Water
Size 11.3 MB
Download: Fusion-Global-PE-Product-Offer-V4-low-res.pdf
Global PE Product Overview - For Gas and Water - March 20
Size 4.7 MB
Download: Fusion-Global-PE-product-overview-V4-March20-low-res.pdf


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