PE 100 Flange Adaptor


  • PN16 flange drillings (ASA 150 Optional)
  • Ductile Iron
  • GIS/PL3
  • d80 – 350

The Series 39 offers a full range of PE ended metal flange adaptors to act as a transition fitting from metallic flanges to PE pipes and fittings. The product is suitable for gas markets and will be offered in PE 100 polyethelene as a priority as this material is compatible with both PE80 and PE100 Piping Systems using electrofusion.



Global PE Product Offer and Gross Price List 2021
Size 17.6 MB
Download: Fusion-Global-PE-Product-Offer-GROSS-PRICE-V1_low-res.pdf
Global PE Product Overview - For Gas and Water - March 20
Size 4.7 MB
Download: Fusion-Global-PE-product-overview-V4-March20-low-res.pdf


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