Tel: +44 (0)1246 260111

  • NDC

    Global reach: our International Distribution Centre ships products worldwide.  

  • Aerial Photo

    Fusion Group’s headquarters and main manufacturing site in Chesterfield (UK)

  • Black electrofusion fittings

    Our electrofusion fittings, control boxes, and butt fusion machines are distributed worldwide through our international network of distributors.

  • Polymer Granules

    From raw polymer granules, our polyethylene products are extruded, moulded, welded, cut, drilled and jointed into quality products which are distributed worldwide.  

  • Fusamatic

    We have invested over £5m in automation and robotics and export over 70% of our own product to international markets.  

  • PSD Pipe Yard

    We extrude black pipe for many applications including landfill, ground source, rail, drainage, irrigation and mines.

  • Pipe Perforator

    How do you like your pipe? We can add value to extruded polyethylene pipe by perforating, slotting or threading it.

  • Manifold Chamber

    More than pipe: our polyethylene fabrications are used for landfill, ground source, utility infrastructure and much, much more.

  • Electrofusion and Cyclops

    Innovating with technology: our image capture and internet capabilities help you to manage your asset integrity  

  • Fusion House and Van

    Central distribution network: Fusion Group’s head office is located at the heart of the UK’s road, rail and air networks.

  • Black pipes

    There are over 2,200 products in the Fusion spigot fittings range

  • test lab

    Fusion is committed to quality. Our test facilities include 8 test tanks: 7 at 80°C and 1 at 20°C

  • africa australia

    From Africa to Australia, Europe to Asia: Gator automatic butt fusion machines help build gas and water networks – whatever the weather, whatever the terrain