Product Literature

Global PE Product Overview - For Gas and Water
Size 4.6 MB
Download: Fusion-Global-PE-Product-Overview-Final-Oct-2018-low-res.pdf
Global PE Product Offer - For Gas and Water
Size 11.0 MB
Download: Fusion-Global-PE-Product-Offer-Final-October-low-res.pdf

Multiseal Tapping Tee
Size 1.3 MB
Download: Multiseal-Leaflet-June-2018.pdf
Multiseal Tapping Tee Overview
Size 879.7 KB
Download: Multiseal-Overview-Leaflet-June-2018.pdf

The Good Guide to Electrofusion Jointing
Size 1.1 MB
Download: The-Good-Guide-to-Electrofusion-Jointing-Low-Res.pdf
The Good Guide to Butt Fusion Jointing
Size 798.2 KB
Download: The-Good-Guide-to-Butt-Fusion-Jointing.pdf

The Good Guide to Large Diameter Electrofusion Jointing
Size 6.5 MB
Download: The-Good-Guide-to-Large-Diameter-Electrofusion-Jointing.pdf