AVK Fusion Indonesia continue Nusantara tour at PDAM Way Rilau Lampung

In early March, AVK Fusion Indonesia continued their Nusantara Tour with a visit to PDAM Way Rilau in Lampung. The team was accompanied by their distributor for Sumatra Island; Anugerah Tirta Indonesia.

The tour, which was launched in December 2019 consists of 2 show buses, showcasing the product range and offering education, best practice training and technology with a ‘solutions not only products promise’.  They will visit more than 400 local water companies (PDAM’s) across the archipelago of Indonesia between January and December 2020.

Lampung is the second province that the Nusantara Tour Team have visited following on from the first event in Banten earlier this year.  Lampung is the southernmost province on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, with the capital city of Bandar Lampung.  PDAM Way Rilau, located in Lampung, is an important PDAM with a target of installing 60 thousand water connections by the end of 2024.

The Nusantara Tour opened with a greeting from the Technical Director of PDAM Way Rilau Lampung, Bpk. Suparji.  The event, which was attended by 13 participants, then continued with presentations about the AVK Group the AVK product range and Fusion Group’s ‘Global PE Network Solutions’.  Participants were then invited to see the dedicated show buses which are equipped with AVK and Fusion products.  In order to provide a full ‘customer experience’ the participants were involved in interactive demonstrations which allowed them to ‘see, touch and explore’ the products and solutions first hand.

“This event is very interesting, because we can get to know more about AVK Fusion products. Then for halal certification that is owned, we will be able to assure PDAMs and the community over the selection of AVK Fusion products”, closed Mr. AZP Peni Gustimigo, Managing Director of Way Rilau PDAM, Lampung.

For more details on our market-leading Global PE Product Offer, download the Global PE Product Offer brochure from the link below.

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Global Polyethylene Solutions

Global PE Product Offer and Gross Price List 2022

Version 2 (Published March 2022) 

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