Introducing our new 400/450 dual size Fusamatic electrofusion Multiseal Tapping Tee and Branch Saddle

An extension to our existing market-leading product range, we are proud to introduce our NEW 400/450 dual size Fusamatic Multiseal Tapping Tee and Branch Saddle electrofusion fittings for gas and water applications. 27-01-2021

  • One electrofusion fitting fits both 400 and 450mm mains pipe resulting in reduced stockholding
  • For use on pipes up to sdr11
  • Larger base footprint ensures correct alignment
  • Can be used with existing top-load clamping equipment reducing the need for expensive additional tooling or clamps

Pressure ratings

Fusamatic 400/450 Multiseal and Branch Saddles are manufactured in PE100 black polyethylene and pressure rated up to 16 bar for water applications and 10 bar for gas applications (for UK gas applications (GIS PL2 Part 4) the maximum operating pressure for Multiseal tapping tees can be up to 5.5 bar (Class B) or 7 bar (Class C))


All Fusamatic Multiseal tapping tees and branch saddles are tested and have 3rd party approval against the following standards:

  • EN12201-3
  • EN1555-3
  • AS/NZS 4129
  • ISO Type 5
  • WaterMark
  • ISO 4427
  • ISO 4437
  • GIS/PL2-4 (Certain sizes only – contact us for further details).

Multiseal Tapping Tee

Fusamaticâ„¢ Multiseal Tapping Tee

Published January 2021 

Branch Saddles

Fusamaticâ„¢ Branch Saddles

Published January 2021
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