Fusion Polska presents ‘New Fusion Solutions’ at 20th Jubilee Water Conference in Eastern Poland

Białowieża in Eastern Poland once again hosted the regional water conference from the 26th to 28th October 2022. 15-11-2022

This was the 20th Jubilee conference of water supply and sewage companies in Poland and was attended by over 160 participants from all across the country.

The conference is devoted to the technical issues of installation and operation of water supply and sewage networks. It also covers many of the legal and economic issues in the water and sewage industry in Poland. The conference brings together representatives from water companies, manufacturers, universities and suppliers to discuss and learn about the latest services, techniques and products within the industry. The conference was attended by the President and representatives of the Polish Waterworks Chamber of Commerce.

Fusion Polska delivered an engaging and insightful presentation on ‘New Fusion solutions for water networks.’ They also had an exhibition stand showcasing Fusion’s polyethylene solutions including electrofusion and spigot fittings and associated equipment.

Konrad Grzegorczyk, Fusion Polska (Head of the Eastern Poland Region), who presented at the conference said;

“We always enjoy participating in this conference as it gives us a great opportunity to showcase our solutions to those in the water industry. The conference allows us to gather some valuable feedback from those in the sector and we can hold detailed conversations with suppliers and customers.
It is also a fantastic opportunity to meet new contacts who could benefit from our products. We look forward to returning again next time.”
To find out more about Fusion Polska visit - www.fusion.com.pl 


Global PE Product Offer and Gross Price List 2022

Version 2 (Published March 2022) 

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