Product Development

Fusion Group’s product development activities combine innovation, product optimisation and range extension.

Our distributors and manufacturing units across the world monitor any global changes in product specifications.  Using this data our product development team ensures we maintain a comprehensive range to suit all applications.

We believe it is critical to meet the sustainability, availability and product performance expectations of our customers. To achieve this, the product development team uses both value engineering techniques and lean methodologies. Recent projects include;  

  • Polymer material developments
  • Product design optimisation to improve performance and reduce material usage
  • Collaboration to ensure supply chain resilience

Fusion Group is built on innovation. We have been responsible for numerous world firsts including Fusion automatic pin technology. Our product development team works with customers to identify and develop innovations that will resolve any challenges they face. 

We look forward to sharing with you our latest innovations as they come to market. 


Fusion Assist

Fusion Group has a reputation for being a leading innovator and solutions provider in the global gas, water and industrial sectors.  Fusion Assist is the latest innovation that drives this reputation.