Fusion Polska showcase Global PE Network Solutions at EXPO-GAS 2019 Exhibition

EXPO-GAS 2019 (10th Gas Engineering Fair), offers a unique opportunity to meet gas industry experts, business-insiders and specialists in one place.

The annual exhibition held over two days (24th and 25th April 2019) at Targi Kielce Exhibition and Trade Centre in Kielce (a city located in the south-east of central Poland), featured more than 100 exhibitors and in the region of 3,500 visitors.

Fusion Polska’s exhibition stand showcased the Global PE Network Solutions product offer which includes Electrofusion and Spigot Fittings, PE Ball Valves, Butt Fusion and Electrofusion Machines and associated tooling.

The Fusion Polska exhibition stand team consisted of; Radek Kapusta (Managing Director), Adam Żółkiewski (Export Director), Radek Mendrek (Head of the Western Poland Region) and Grzegorz Skalski (Fusepol Silesia Company) supported by Adam Tkacz (Senior Business Development Manager) from Fusion Group UK.

In addition to the exhibition, Fusion Polska were one of a few companies who were given the opportunity to present at the Expo Gas Technical Seminars. The presentation on PE Ball Valves, included the product range and features and benefits.

Radek Kapusta (Managing Director – Fusion Polska) went on to say the following;

“The exhibition was very well attended and featured leading manufacturers along with the main Polish Gas Company (PGNiG).

The Fusion Polska exhibition stand featured market leading electrofusion and butt fusion gas solutions along with PE ball valves. Further interest was generated with a technical seminar on PE ball valves discussing applications and key features and benefits.

Overall, the exhibition was a success and Fusion Polska would like to thank everyone who visited the stand’

Find out more about our Global PE Product Offer by clicking here – Global PE Product Offer

For more details about Fusion Polska, visit their website – www.fusion.com.pl

For a comprehensive overview of our PE Ball Valve range, visit – PE Ball Valve Product Range


Photo credits from left to right:

Photo; Fusion Polska showcase the Global PE Network Solutions product offer at EXPO-GAS 2019

Photo; Radek Mendrek (Head of the Western Poland Region) discusses the finer points of the Global PE product offer

Photo; The stand team from left to right; Grzegorz Skalski, Adam Żółkiewski, Radek Kapusta, Adam Tkacz and Radek Mendrek (not pictured).

Global PE Product Offer - For Gas and Water
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