AVK Fusion Indonesia supports Jargas projects for a fifth consecutive year

AVK Fusion Indonesia has supplied electrofusion fittings into each of the ten Jargas projects commissioned in 2020. It is the fifth consecutive year AVK Fusion Indonesia has supported Jargas and the first time it has won work on all projects. The goal of Jargas projects is to connect both commercial premises and domestic properties to the growing natural gas distribution network.

AVK Fusion Indonesia is proud to have had the opportunity to play its part in the development of Indonesia’s HC gas network.

Jack Barnsley leads AVK Fusion Indonesia’s Jargas operations:

‘Indonesian quality standards are challenging and rigorously enforced by MiGas. Everyone involved is focussed on delivering a safe, effective and growing gas distribution network.
Even though Fusion have a vast array of product approvals, and they not only have ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, but also ISO/TS 29001 Quality Management System (QMS) accreditation, which is a sector specific QMS for Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas Industries with additional requirements to ISO 9001, our fittings still had to go through further Factory Acceptance Testing to satisfy Indonesian authorities.
As a major economic power, Indonesia has felt the global impact of Covid-19. This led to the second phase of 2020 Jargas projects being postponed to 2021. Fortunately, ten contracts were awarded in phase one and are still under construction. AVK Fusion Indonesia has supplied a wide range of fittings up to 180mm diameter into each of these projects and is already working to satisfy Jargas’ 2021 requirements’.

Jack Barnsley believes AVK Fusion Indonesia’s progress can be attributed to six principal factors: product range, product quality, availability, installer training, customer contact and being a principal rather than a distributor:

‘To be an effective supplier to the public and private contractors working on Jargas projects you have to ensure you have a comprehensive selection of fittings in your range. Over the past twelve months we have worked hard to ensure our stock profile matches the needs of contractors.
We have targeted considerable time and resources into delivering electrofusion training to contractor teams to ensure installation consistency and quality. The teams are very appreciative of this support and, personally, I find it very rewarding work.
Some of the training is delivered by Fusion’s technical experts based in Chesterfield UK when they come to Indonesia. It is a major advantage to be a division of the manufacturer, a principal, rather than simply a distributor. I have direct contact with Fusion’s research, manufacturing, technical and commercial teams which makes decision making quicker and more responsive. I can influence product development and production scheduling to benefit Jargas projects.’
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