Fusion Malaysia wins contract to supply electrofusion fittings to world leading landfill project

Fusion Malaysia, a Fusion Group company, has won the contract to supply electrofusion fittings to the Bukit Tagar Sanitary Landfill project.

Bukit Tagar, one of the largest landfill projects in South-East Asia, has won multiple International awards for sustainability and engineering best practice.

Bukit Tagar is located 40 miles north of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital city. It provides solid municipal waste management for both Kuala Lumpur’s population of 1.75m and the wider Selangor province. Opened in 2005, Bukit Tagar’s 700-acre site has a capacity of 120 million tonnes and is expected to remain active until at least 2070.

Despite receiving 2,500 tonnes of municipal solid waste on a daily basis, Bukit Tagar has been constructed to achieve zero discharge. This is achieved by lining each waste cell and collecting the by-products of landfill waste decomposition, principally methane gas and liquid leachate, through an extensive network of polyethylene pipes. It is these pipe networks which will benefit from Fusion’s electrofusion fittings.

According to Fusion Malaysia Regional Director, Seow KokHooi, it was Fusion’s patented Fusamatic pin technology which was the key deciding factor in the contract award:

‘The focus at Bukit Tagar is quality. With Fusamatic pin technology, the electrofusion box automatically recognises which fitting is being installed and sets the correct welding parameters accordingly. The Fusamatic pin removes the potential for human error and allows the contractor to focus on ensuring the pipes are clean, clamped and scraped.’

Paul Hubbard, AVK UK Chairman, and Neil Green, Fusion Group Managing Director, have both visited Bukit Tagar to witness Fusamatic technology in operation. As well as supplying fittings from 110mm to 355mm, Fusion Malaysia also hires and maintains the electrofusion boxes used on site, and trains the client’s contractors in electrofusion best practice.

Background information: Bukit Tagar Landfill – Corporate Video 2018

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