Fusion Italia’s distributors visit Fusion’s manufacturing, testing and logistics centre

‘A long-term partnership’ - Fusion Italia’s distributors visit Fusion’s manufacturing, testing and logistics centre

Nine of Fusion Italia’s distributors and agents recently visited Fusion Group’s headquarters. The visit provided a unique opportunity for the group to soak up the culture of the business, and learn more about Fusion’s manufacturing, testing and logistics capabilities.

The visit was led by Fusion Italia’s Andrea Zunino (Commercial Manager) and Francesca Nari (General Manager).

Fusion Italia is located in northwest Italy close to Genoa and is one of Fusion’s longest established international distributors.  Over many years, the history, culture and geography of Italy have contributed to Fusion Italia establishing a network of distributors and agents to service the country’s 110 provinces, including the islands of Sardinia and Sicily.

Andrea Zunino commented on the visit;

‘The Fusamatic automatic pin is a very strong selling point in Italy, and the visit to Chesterfield allowed our distributors to witness the manufacturing process of Fusamatic electrofusion fittings, and to understand Fusion’s approach to product quality, inspection and traceability.  The test laboratory was of particular interest, offering the opportunity to view the test facilities in action which includes 8 test tanks as well as the oven and freezer rooms used to prove the performance of the fittings in extreme temperatures.  The visit was well received by our distributors and gave us an opportunity to strengthen our existing relationships’.

In addition to factory tours and technical presentations, the group discussed sales and marketing opportunities in the Italian market.  Over the last two years, Fusion Italia has grown its turnover by almost 30% and the forecast for 2020 is for further expansion.

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Global PE Product Offer and Gross Price List 2022

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