Fusion Group welcomes Hydrobud Poznan Site Visit 

Fusion Group hosted a site visit from Fusion Polska and their distributor Hydrobud Poznan (who were also accompanied by 2 of Hydrobud’s customers) on Friday 26th October 2018. Radoslaw Mendrek, Area Sales Manager from Fusion Polska led the delegation of 6 during the visit and provided the Polish translation for the day.

The visit included a Fusion Group company presentation, delivered by Darrin Leahy – Group Commercial Director; in addition to a tour of the manufacturing and testing facilities (led by Andy Horner – Operations Manager and Shawn Shelton – Test Laboratory Manager, respectively) followed by a networking lunch.

Hydrobud is a successful distributor of Fusion Polska’s in Poznan, who are looking to grow electrofusion and spigot fittings sales even further into the region.

Radoslaw Mendrek, Fusion Polska, followed up the visit by saying;

‘On behalf of my customers I would like to send many thanks for the hospitality and organisation during our visit to Fusion Group. The visit was a great experience to see and ‘touch’ the Global PE Fittings Manufacturing process’

Hydrobud Poznan Site Visit

Photo credits

Photo; Radoslaw Mendrek – Area Sales Manager (Fusion Polska), Brian Atkinson – Sales Manager (Fusion Group Limited) and Darrin Leahy – Group Commercial Director (Fusion Group Limited) with the Hydrobud Poznan delegation.

Photo; Fusamatic Manufacturing Tour; delivered by Andy Horner – Operations Manager (Fusion Group Limited)

Photo: Test Laboratory Tour, delivered by Shawn Shelton – Test Laboratory Manager (Fusion Group Limited)