PT. AVK Fusion Indonesia is responsible for marketing the Fusion range of electrofusion fittings across Indonesia, the world’s fourth largest country by population. David Clayton, Fusion Group’s Technical Manager, recently spent two weeks in Indonesia delivering best practice electrofusion and product training to the AVK team and some of its major clients.

Indonesia is an archipelago consisting of over 17,000 islands. More than half the population of 261 million people live on the island of Java, which is also home to the capital, Jakarta. Fusion has traditionally been strong in servicing the Indonesian gas market. Indonesia consumes about half as much natural gas as the United Kingdom.

The purpose of the best practice training was threefold. Firstly, to introduce the whole of the PT. AVK Fusion team across Indonesia to best practice electrofusion techniques. Secondly, to explain the key Unique Selling Points (USPs) of the Fusamatic range of electrofusion fittings, including the automatic pin, individual fitting traceability and the many benefits of the award-winning FlexTee tapping tees. Thirdly, to further strengthen Fusion’s position in supporting the Indonesian water market.

After initially training the PT. AVK Fusion Indonesia head office team in Jakarta, David held a training day for representatives from AVK’s offices across Indonesia. David then flew to Bandar Lampung in Sumatra and delivered training to the site managers of a major regional water company, and its contractor partners.

According to David the training was very productive:

‘It was great to see everyone so engaged with the training and keen to find out how the UK and Europe carry out PE fitting installations. The water sector undoubtedly offers further commercial potential to PT. AVK Fusion Indonesia and being able to provide operators with product knowledge and installation skills, sets Fusion apart from other suppliers.’

Jack Barnsley is Fusion’s country manager for Indonesia:

‘I joined Fusion in 2017. After initial product training I spent time with Sean Robb and his team in Fusion Plast Australia before arriving in Indonesia. My primary focus is building on and strengthening our customer relationships in the natural gas fittings market in Jakarta. Following the opening of our new building and warehouse space this has allowed us to respond even quicker to customer requirements, it is my responsibility to ensure these increased capabilities are communicated effectively to existing and new customers.’

Find out more about our Global PE Product Offer by clicking here – Global PE Product Offer or download the Global PE Product Offer and Overview from the links below.

For more details about PT. AVK Fusion Indonesia, visit their website –

AVK PT Fusion Indonesia delivers best practice electrofusion training

Photo credits above (from left to right):

The PT. AVK Fusion Indonesia team about to start its day of electrofusion training (Jack Barnsley is second from the left.  David Clayton is fifth from the left).

All eyes on David!  David Clayton explains the electrofusion process to the PT. AVK Fusion Indonesia team.

PT. AVK Fusion Indonesia leading the field with best practice electrofusion training
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Global PE Product Offer - For Gas and Water
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Global PE Product Overview - For Gas and Water - March 19
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Flextee Tapping Tee - For Gas and Water
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The Good Guide to Electrofusion Saddle Jointing using the Flextee Tapping Tee, provides basic information which enables operatives to understand best practice installation techniques.

The information provided in the video is not binding and may be subject to modifications.  This video is supplied as a guidance only.  The welding operator is responsible for ensuring all work is performed exclusively by trained and competent personnel and in compliance with both national and international rules and guidelines for electrofusion installation.