Fusion AR

Use augmented reality to get inside our product offer.

AR and 3D modelling in general are becoming more and more important within all fields of engineering.


Product familiarisation using completely manipulatable models is fundamental to product understanding and therefore can assist in the decision making and specification processes.

BIM project design

Building Information Management (BIM) is now becoming the primary design methodology in developed regions with the clear benefit that a scheme can be designed and all issues resolved before anything is built, therefore saving considerable time and cost.

BIM compatible models of Fusion products can be accessed in .dxf, .igs and .step file formats on the product pages of our website.

The Fusion Assist App is made up of 4 key elements, you can find out more about the other elements of the App by clicking the boxes below;

Fusion Assist Brochure

Fusion Assist

Published March 2021