Fusion Insight

Fusion Insight is a complete asset management system

Fusion Insight uses a QR/barcode platform, designed to give full traceability of your assets providing the data on each installed asset, and gives the opportunity to review the quality of the installation.

This, combined with a unique GPS pin location and a picture of each installation ensures that you have a complete, accurate and auditable record of every installation. Furthermore, all the data recorded can be exported into standard data formats for integration into existing mapping systems.

Full traceability in a few simple steps…

QR/barcodes are critical tools to increase traceability of assets both above and below ground. Fusion Insight is a growing development to capture such barcodes and wider traceability data about an electrofusion fitting, AVK valve or other assets being installed.

Fusion Insight can specifically capture traceability data for an electrofusion asset by scanning the ISO 12176-4 standard barcode system. In addition the app will also record asset location via GPS, core installation parameters and reference images for that asset within one central record.

When a Fusamatic fitting is scanned, the app will even prompt the user to record Fusion’s unique QR code which contains an individual fitting number providing enhanced traceability right down to the raw materials used to manufacture the fittings.

Fusion Insight in conjunction with our new 4mm Fusamatic automatic pin electrofusion fittings drives consistency and control, from raw material to installing your assets in the ground.

By providing all markets with the option to weld Fusamatic electrofusion fittings automatically, coupled with the use of Fusion Insight gives you the perfect solution towards end-to-end control over the welding process.

The web portal

Fusion Insight is the perfect solution to manage future traceability

Access to the recorded data collected from the Fusion Assist App is via a user friendly web portal* which provides at-a-glance accurate records.

  • Increased asset traceability
  • Record individual asset installations
  • Accurate gps pin location
  • Visually audit the installation quality
  • Exportable data into standard formats
  • Periodic installation audit report available

*Note: To access Fusion Insight and the dedicated web portal an account needs to be created by our technical team.  For new account requests please email tech@fusiongroup.com to set up your FREE Fusion Insight account.

The Fusion Assist App is made up of 4 key elements, you can find out more about the other elements of the App by clicking the boxes below;

Fusion Assist Brochure

Fusion Assist

Published March 2021


Fusion Assist - 'A single source of truth'

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