Congratulations Maggie Mckenzie

Congratulations to Maggie McKenzie who has qualified as a QMS Internal Auditor. 16-12-2021

Fusion Group Quality Management Systems Manager Maggie McKenzie recently qualified as a QMS Internal Auditor. Last week she received her certificate from Group Director, Lisa Shelton.

By completing this qualification, it will give Maggie the skills, knowledge and qualification to be able to carry out internal audits which will support her role as QMS Manager. It will ensure we stay compliant to the standards we are accredited to and help identify opportunities to improve our processes within the business.

Internal auditing is one of the fundamental activities for maintaining a Quality Management System (QMS) and assessing compliance with specified requirements. With Continual Improvement being one of the key Quality Management Principles of ISO 9001 and ISO 29001, internal auditing goes beyond compliance and becomes one of the key drivers of business improvement.

When asked why she wanted to become a qualified QMS internal Auditor, Maggie said

“I have been supporting and recording evidence of internal, 2nd and 3rd party audits under the guidance of Lisa Shelton for a while and have been offered the opportunity to do the course before, but due to family commitments I could not travel to the training locations. Since COVID reared its head, a lot of companies have taken to remote learning which was a big bonus for me as it removed the travelling issue.”

Completing the qualification is also on the back of a recent promotion with Fusion.

“I was recently promoted to QMS Manager and took on more responsibility including conducting internal audits.  This will be a big learning curve as my first audit will be a full Process Flow audit on all Fusion Group Limited operations in the UK covering the full scope of the Quality Management System!”

The 2-day course was carried out over zoom.

“This was actually a real bonus to me as I could carry it out at work instead of having to travel which fitted in with my family commitments. The tutor Cheryl was brilliant and kept everyone engaged throughout. Having some experience with our audit process and ISO 9001 knowledge definitely helped.”

Fusion would like to say a big well done to Maggie for having the desire and drive to develop her knowledge and skills and congratulations on successfully completing the course.