David Clayton, celebrating 30 years at Fusion Group

Congratulations to David Clayton for completing 30 Years’ Service at Fusion Group Limited. 01-04-2020

David, who started his career with Fusion on 12th March 1990, was an apprentice trained mechanical engineer who was originally recruited to work in the Fusion Test Laboratory making jigs / fixtures and maintaining the test tanks. David progressed in this role over a number of years moving onto Test Laboratory Supervisor then Test Laboratory Manager.

In 1998 David moved over to International Sales with a Technical Sales role and the responsibility of several countries and customers including Holland, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, Tunisia and India to name but a few. David was also responsible for addressing any technical issues in other markets.

In 2010 David moved to a Product Specification Manager role, ensuring all Fusion products met the appropriate test and performance standards, David at this stage became involved in trade association and standard committees as the Fusion lead and voice in the industry.

David’s current role of Product Technical Manager, focuses on new product development and product improvements, working as part of the development team. David also provides customers with support on best practice electrofusion and butt fusion installation techniques and training.

David had the following to say on his fantastic achievement;

‘When I started at Fusion in 1990 I never imagined that I would still be here today, 30 years later.
I have seen many positive changes over the years, both with the company and in my role. There have been lots of highlights; visiting multiple countries, meeting different people and experiencing many cultures from around the world.
I feel proud to be part of Fusion’s continuing success over the years and look forward to enjoying many more years to come’

David Clayton is not the only one celebrating long service achievement, overall to date Fusion have 47 employees who have been employed for 20 years or more, that’s a grand total of 1,254 years’ service.  Read more about these employees in the article below.

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