Francesca Nari - Celebrating 20 years of dedication and growth at Fusion

Francesca Nari is proud to have worked at Fusion’s Italian operations since October 2003; we congratulate her on 20 years dedicated service, loyalty and growth. 07-12-2023

We spoke to Francesca about her 20-year service and discussed with her how she has grown and developed throughout her years at Fusion;

The early days at Fusion’s Italian operations
"I joined Fusion back in October 2003 when it was a small extension of a Spanish Company.  Despite my youth and a basic understanding of English, I felt a profound sense of responsibility. I worked hard and dedicated myself to propelling the growth of a business which was still in its infancy in the region.

Fusion’s official Italian operations formed as a company in 2006, back then we only had two employees, growing to three in 2008.  Throughout the years the company has grown in the region to what it is today and now extends across the whole of Italy, a testament to the dedication and hard work of the Fusion team."

Growth and development throughout the years
"During the early years I was supported by the Sales Director who trained me on Fusion’s products, technical aspects and building long-term relationships with our customers and the Fusion team. 

I played a significant role in steering the company’s commercial activities within the region elevating my responsibilities and leading me to take on a management role in the business.  As the most senior team member at the time, in terms of experience and industry knowledge, my responsibilities grew considerably. I focused on empowering existing team members with greater responsibilities, ultimately enhancing my own professional skills in the process."

Customer First
"Throughout my 20 years at Fusion my main goal is to always put the customer first, building a long-term partnership throughout the region and country.  My main objective is to guide our customers in understanding the important advantages linked to our brand – Fusamatic.

By using Fusion’s electrofusion fittings with the Fusamatic pin customers can expect a fully automatic method for ensuring the correct welding parameters are used.  Additionally, customers can expect full individual fitting traceability right down to the raw materials and polymer batch.  

When customers work with me, they can expect; consistency, reliability, expertise and stability."

Celebrating 20 years with pride
"As I celebrate the 20th anniversary of my service at Fusion, I am filled with pride. This milestone prompts reflection on our shared history and the remarkable growth we've experienced together - as an individual, as a team and as a company.  I am looking forward to the future where I can continue to develop and expand my role further within Fusion and grow the team and operations in Italy."

Mark Palmer, Group Managing Director said;
"In reaching such a significant milestone and being with Fusion’s Italian operations since its infancy, Francesca has established herself as an invaluable constant not only for us at Fusion, but to all our customers in Italy too.  Her passion for the business and our products is ever present, a real credit to her.  I’d like to thank and congratulate Francesca on behalf of everyone at Fusion on reaching 20 years’ service, long may it continue!"  

In 2021, Fusion marked its 50th anniversary in business and to date has over 50 employees with 20 years or more service ….a truly fantastic achievement!