PT. AVK Fusion Indonesia service centre to optimise customer satisfaction

PT. AVK Fusion Indonesia completes its after-sales service by launching AVK Fusion Indonesia Service Centre. The service centre is in place to support customers with expert advise, spare parts, calibration and consulting. 09-08-2021

With the increasing number of customers and business growth, AVK Fusion Indonesia took the initiative to further complement its after-sales service by providing improvements in the maintenance of AVK Fusion products.

President Director of AVK Fusion Indonesia, Gert Borrits, said that after-sales service is important for customers.

“The purpose of launching the AVK Fusion Indonesia Service Center is to provide better after-sales service. We realise that as the company and our customers grow, the more we need after-sales service that can provide solutions,” explained Gert.

AVK Fusion Indonesia Service Center provides various spare parts for each product line and repairs such as calibration and so on. Not only providing complete spare parts but also experts who can be sent directly to overcome various obstacles faced by customers.

AVK Fusion Indonesia Service Center is not only limited to physical services but also non-physical services such as discussions and consulting with a team of experts through the AVK Fusion Indonesia call center hotline. The facilities use high-tech systems such as machines that are able to scan a product’s barcodes. These machines are used to find out how long it takes for installation and can be used in various conditions.

“AVK Fusion Indonesia Service Center provides after-sales services that make it easier for customers, both in terms of time, distance, and efficiency. The repair time can be completed depending on the problems encountered. We will ensure that every problem will be resolved as soon as possible by the team through appropriate solutions and improvements so that customers can be satisfied,” said Gert.

With the presence of AVK Fusion Indonesia Service Center, the company will continue to grow and become a leader. AVK Fusion Indonesia targets to have the largest and most complete facilities to meet the needs of customers throughout Indonesia. You can find out more information on AVK Fusion Indonesia on their website here.

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