Fusion Group continues to invest in Egypt

Fusion Group has significantly increased the manufacturing capacity of its world-class Ace Plastics plant at 10th of Ramadan, a city in Greater Cairo, to meet growing domestic Egyptian and export demand. 02-08-2021

Fusion Group’s investment has led to a dramatic increase in manufacturing floor space, new machinery, and an increase in employment to add to its growing workforce.

Egypt’s gas distribution sector continues to grow with networks, now manged by both state-owned companies and private sector operators, adding 1.2m new connections per annum.

Ace Plastics recently won a contract with Egypt Gas, the oldest gas distribution company, and supplied well over half a million of their award-winning Flex Tees; tees used for new connections to the gas mains.

In early 2019, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi announced the Hayaa Karema (‘Decent Life’) initiative. Decent Life is an ambitious programme that seeks to improve the quality of life in the poorest rural communities. In January 2021 the second phase of Decent Life was launched which will extend it to a further 1,500 villages. In total 20% of the 100 million population will see the benefits of the programme. Gas infrastructure and connections is one of Decent Life’s core deliverables.

To grow alongside Egypt’s significant domestic initiatives in gas and water, and to take advantage of other growth opportunities in export markets further afield, a substantial construction project was undertaken to significantly increase the size of the production footprint to accommodate additional plant and assembly cells including new moulding machines & CNC machines.

Not only will the new investment increase Flex Tee capacity, but it will also enable the production of other Fusion Group electrofusion product to be stepped up.

Andy Horner is General Manager at Ace Plastics:

‘We have been operating in Egypt since 2008, making a significant contribution to the local economy. The new investment shows the Fusion Group’s commitment to the Egyptian market and to manufacturing in general. Not only have we invested in machinery and increased manufacturing floorspace, but we have also recruited and trained additional operatives to meet the increase in demand for Fusion products.’

Fusion Group is an AVK Group company. Ace Plastics won the ‘Factory of the Year’ award in AVK UK’s recent company awards; a considerable vote of confidence for Andy and the rest of the ACE Plastics team:

‘As soon as business life returns to normal post-Covid, we will be hosting a formal factory reopening alongside a seminar to showcase our enhanced manufacturing and testing facilities.’