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Michael Day appointed Environment Manager for all AVK Group companies in the UK 13-02-2024

Michael Day has been appointed Environment Manager responsible for developing and implementing an enhanced environmental strategy for AVK UK, Fusion Group, Atplas and Glenfield Invicta.

After developing an interest in natural geography at school, Michael graduated in Environmental Management from the University of Leeds. He subsequently obtained an MSc in Environmental Impact Assessment, Auditing and Management Systems from the University of East Anglia in 2001.

With today’s focus on sustainability and net-zero carbon, it is interesting to note that Michael is something of a trailblazer as he belongs to the first generation of graduates which actively pursued a career in environmental management from the off.

After graduating, Michael initially joined the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) as a Technical Officer. He subsequently moved into the waste recycling industry itself, spending fourteen years with a series of industry-leading waste-to-energy companies. Immediately prior to joining AVK, Michael was responsible for environmental management across of Viridor’s UK operations:

‘I really enjoyed the twenty years I spent in the waste management sector. Whilst it is a heavily regulated industry with a focus on compliance, it remained ambitious in terms of its wider environmental objectives. It certainly opened my eyes to the difference that I could potentially bring to other industries.

Although I have only been with AVK for a couple of months, it is really motivating to work for an organisation with such a positive and proactive attitude towards achieving environmental best practice.

My priority is to understand the sectors in which AVK UK, Fusion Group, Atplas and Glenfield Invicta operate. What are the principal environmental issues and the key environmental drivers? Understanding these factors will shape the environmental strategy I am developing.’

Although there is a focus on strategy, Michael is keen to emphasize that everyone at AVK can play their part in improving the organisation’s environmental performance on a day-to-day basis:

‘Although I am learning fast, I will never be an expert in engineering, operations, or sales. I’d like to encourage anyone who, regardless of their position in the company, has identified an opportunity as to how we can improve our environmental performance to get in touch with me. I see being an advocate and facilitator for new ideas as a key part of my role.’

Given his green credentials, it is probably not a surprise to discover that Michael supports Nottingham Forest!

Contact Michael Day
You can get in touch with Michael on the details shown above. Call Michael on 07395 789694 or write to him directly at mida@avkuk.co.uk.

AVK Sustainability Report 2022/23

AVK Sustainability Report 2022/23

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