Fusion Group achieve BSI ISO/TS 29001

Fusion Group, the pioneer in polyethylene pipe jointing, has become the first electrofusion fittings manufacturer to achieve BSI ISO/TS 29001 accreditation. 28-02-2019

ISO/TS 29001 relates specifically to Quality Management Systems (QMS) in the natural gas, petroleum and petrochemical industries. It reflects both the global nature of these industries and the vital importance of defect prevention in critical infrastructure networks.

ISO/TS 29001 accreditation is the latest milestone in Fusion Group’s quality management journey which started over forty years ago. The company originally held BS 5750 accreditation and transitioned to ISO 9001 in 1987. They have been with BSI since 1994.

Fusion’s ISO/TS 29001 accreditation team was led by Group Director, Lisa Shelton:

‘Fusion Group’s scope of registration covers everything we do; from the design of fittings, throughout the manufacture and testing stages, to storage, distribution, supply chain management and customer feedback. It recognises that our quality management system is unique in being able to trace the journey of each and every fitting we manufacture. We can identify everyone involved in its manufacture, testing and distribution as well as full traceability of all raw materials used.’
Lisa adds ‘Having a certified quality management system in place demonstrates that we are taking every step possible to ensure we are consistently meeting and surpassing customer expectations.’

Fusion Group operates globally. ISO/TS 29001 accreditation ensures our international distributors and end users can specify our products in the knowledge we are the market leaders in terms of quality.’


Fusion Group - ACE Plastics ISO 29001: 2020 Certificate

Expires 05/11/2026